Classified and Display Ad Prices for Newspapers in Murshidabad

Murshidabad city has various advertising options to choose from different newspapers such as, Ananda Bazar Patrika, and many more for text and display advertisement. Ads costs vary for each newspaper because the costs are determined based on the number of circulation of the newspaper in Murshidabad. know the Newspaper advertisement cost in Murshidabad with Newspaperads.

You can Book your ads one day prior to publication date. The following are the notable language newspapers in Murshidabad, such as Bengali, etc.

Classified Text Ad - Commonly text ads are the most cost-effective ads. Many leading newspapers like Ananda Bazar Patrika, charge classified text ads on the basis of the number of words, characters or the number of lines used in the advertisement matter. You may add changes to your classified text ad with tick, bold fonts & Background color choices at a minimal increase in cost.

Classified Display Ad - The cost for this format is designed on the basis of per sq. cm in Murshidabad. These ads commonly appear in columns. Advertisers can also choose a single column or multi-column advertisement depending on the advertisement needs. Though, you can customize the height of the advertisement depending on the ad size.

Book Classified and Display Ads in Newspapers in Murshidabad

Factors that affect the cost of newspaper ads in Murshidabad:

Circulation of the newspaper: The higher the circulation, the more you will pay for an ad. Note that some newspapers in Murshidabad will list its readership instead of circulation on the rate card. These two terms are not the same, as the readership number assumes that multiple people in a household will read the same paper. Usually, advertisers pay based on circulation of newspaper in Murshidabad.

The highest circulated newspapers in Murshidabad are The Ananda Bazar Patrika,

Language:language has powerful influence over people and also have a great impact. Bengali, are the various language newspapers in Murshidabad. The English language is most familiar to people who live in Murshidabad.

Size/color of the ad: The larger the ad, the more it will cost. You will also pay extra for your advertisement to run in color.

Number of times your ad runs: If you run your ad multiple times, you will pay additional overall however less for every individual ads.

Day of the week/section of the paper: Expect to pay more cost for an advertisement that runs on Sunday in Murshidabad, You will also pay more to place your ad in the main section of the newspaper rather than the sports or travel section.

Book an ads instantly in various categories of Murshidabad newspapers. The categories include Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Business, Name Change, Education, Obituary and many more. So select your choice of newspaper and book your ads now with us in Murshidabad Newspapers.




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